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Amidst the Ramadan atmosphere, Andalusia Holding Group hosted its annual Iftar event in Abu Dhabi, attended by the Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Abu Dhabi, Minister Counselor Wael Ismail Al-Khalil, along with a select group of businessmen, Emirati and Syrian media and art personalities, and managers of group-affiliated companies.

Syrian businessman residing in the UAE, Salah AlDin Al-Habash, delivered a welcoming speech to the guests, expressing his delight at this gathering with esteemed attendees. The audience then watched a documentary about the activities of Andalusia Holding Group, which has been operating in Abu Dhabi for 15 years and is currently active in sectors such as engineering, contracting, real estate development, facilities management, industry, and media.

On the sidelines of the event, a cooperation agreement was signed between the creative writer Reem Hanna and La Casa Film Production Company, a subsidiary of the group. This step lays the groundwork for the return of Syrian social drama that has entered the homes of Syrian and Arab families.

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February 15, 2024by shaza_user

In the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, it has been announced that ” Lacasa Film Production ” has joined the group of companies under Andalusia Holding in a move that extends the Emirati group’s investments in the media sector, which began in 2013 with the establishment of “Andalusia Media Group.”

Lacasa Film Production has chosen the creative zone of Abu Dhabi, “Yas Creative Hub” and a center for launching its artistic operations, aiming to execute its unique vision in the world of media and artistic production.

On this occasion, Mr. Salah Al-Habash, the CEO of Andalusia Holding, stated: “Our work at Lacasa Film Production is focused on enriching minds and providing content that inspires and makes a difference in society. Our passion is reflected in creating entertaining and educational artistic content to contribute to enhancing our societal role. We believe in the power of art and its impact on culture and society.”

Lacasa Film Production has launched its service package through its website, covering various stages of the production process. This includes pre-production services such as preparing for filming, infrastructure setup, artist coordination, and obtaining ground filming approvals. The services also extend to artistic production, distribution, and post-production stages, involving editing, color correction, graphics, and sound and visual effects.

As part of its commitment to supporting emerging artist skills and nurturing rising artistic talents, the company will organize specialized training programs in collaboration with prominent artists and media professionals. These programs encompass a diverse range of topics and workshops, including directing techniques, scriptwriting, cinematography, and the final production stages, with the aim of transferring knowledge and encouraging creative potentials.


October 20, 2022by shaza_user

Syrian community in the UAE celebrated the high academic achievement of a large number of its students in secondary school exams for the academic year 2021-2022, where a large honoring ceremony was held for the high-achieving students in Abu Dhabi. The event was held with a diamond sponsorship by Andalusia Holding (Salah Al-Habash Group of Companies).

Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UAE Mr. Ghassan Abbas delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees, and expressed his pride in the excellence of the community students in the Emirates. Mr. Salah Alhabash who also has set out his views on the meaning lays behind this honoring which goes beyond a mere celebration of success and excellence, rather it is an appreciation for the excellent students and their families that cherished them, their schools and teachers, as well as their country. It also represents an appreciation for the country that embraced these families, UAE.

The ceremony was attended by a group of Emirati and Syrian diplomats and businessmen, members of the teaching staff in Emirates schools, parents of high-achieving students, in addition to the Syrian students honored in this ceremony from all over the UAE.